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I am Vanessa Bell, also known as "The Business Designer."  Learn more about my story below. 

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My Story

For as long as I could remember the entrepreneurial spirit was in me. From selling custom high-grade cutlery to creating websites at the age of 16, sales and marketing was my thing. Back in the dinosaur era when myspace was popular and college club, I explored the coding industry. I was self-taught, not the best but I was making money. After graduating college with a Bachelors in Business with an emphasis in Marketing. I decided to go to law school. Three months into it I realized law school wasn't for me and I decided to start my own marketing agency called Wesbsocial Business Solutions. I assisted realtors and insurance agents with their website and branding strategies. 


Soon after returning to my home state Arizona, I was employed by a non-profit called Small Business Development Center. A year later I started my own radio show called Digital Download with Vanessa and managing social media for the local radio station. My expertise in digital marketing allowed me to speak at several state conferences and have instructed over 100 workshops. After 15 years of experience in teaching over 500 clients how to start, manage or grow a business and use digital marketing, I decided it was time for me to start a new journey. That journey is here. 


For the past 5 years I have maintained a number of clients and it has been my privilege to see them thrive. Now I am ready to see you thrive in YOUR JOURNEY!​

""You either take control of your business life or it takes control of you. It’s that simple." - Vanessa Bell


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.